Which emotions are associated with the worst physical health?

Surely I can’t name all of them, but here are some of the most harmful.

Stress. Anxiety. Frustration. Anger. Irritation. Overwhelm. Hopelessness.

These emotions can result from external challenges or events, or ongoing internal dialogs.

When we either attach to these negative emotions or repress them, they literally sap our life force energy. They drain us. And so, much less energy remains in the body to do the things the body does innately. Things like digest food. Combat foreign invaders like bacteria, virus, cancer. Detoxify the body, and pass toxins as urine or fecal matter.

When we’re experiencing these emotions, we tend to breathe shallowly – thus inhaling less oxygen, and insufficiently oxygenating blood that feeds the brain, heart and other organs. So, we open to a whole set of dis-ease that a person with similar problems, but with more resources (greater emotional stability, resilience) to deal with them, may never suffer. Feelings will always come and go, but those with fewer resources have a greater tendency to wallow in their emotions, thinking they’re forever – rather than just momentary, as emotions tend to be unless we attach to them.

Key to improving this situation is cultivating emotional maturity. Our ability to feel, accept, allow, acknowledge our feelings, and process them – whether within ourselves, or with others.

A long answer to a short question. I hope it’s helpful.


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