Where do people go when they die?

Fascinating range of responses to this question!

Many view the “I” as their body, and go on to describe what would happen to their body after death.

Some responded as if there were some sort of last opportunity to do something or go somewhere worldly after death.

Some responded as per the dogmatic teachings of their particular religion.

I guess it all depends on your personal perspective of what “I” really is. And, no one is right or wrong, all of this is totally conjecture (well, except for those who describe how their body would be treated after death).

My.own personal belief is that my body is a vehicle for an eternal entity – spirit, if you will – to experience life on this 3D planet. To experience the pleasures of the five senses… to experience the effects of both positive and negative karma… to experience free will, having unlimited choices available to me at every moment, and learning (or not) from those choices in an effort to evolve consciously and gain wisdom and awareness that will transcend this lifetime.

So, my “I”, in my belief system, is not a corporal body, but rather an eternal spirit that is but a single cell in a divine organism – god, if you will. The corporal body is just the custom-designed Ferrari specially suited for carrying “me” around in this 3D space and time that we call planet earth.

From this perspective, death, then, is just a transition from the 3D dream world back to my home… After which I might be reincarnated into another body at another time. From that perspective, I have no fear of death, because I view it as just one of many transitions or transformations experienced during this lifetime.

Oh my dog…. Hahaha reading back through my answer here, I’m amused as hell! Like I know WTF is happening!

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