What is the one thing you do that most people don’t?

I create the world around me with my mind. Nearly every day.

Dr. Wayne Dyer had a lot to say about this topic. Here are a couple of his quotes:

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

“Most people think ‘I’ll believe it when I see it’. I’m here to tell you that’s wrong. The truth is, you’ll see it when you believe it.”

The idea of creating our reality with our mind was popularized by the 2006 movie and book “The Secret”. But that wasn’t new information. In the late 1800s Wallace Wattles wrote a book entitled The Science of Getting Rich. Followed by Napoleon Hill’s classic work in the early 1900s, Think and Grow Rich – which, by the way, he was hired to write by Andrew Carnegie – one of the wealthiest men in the world at that time. Carnegie hired him to author the techniques he’d used to achieve his wealth.

These books and movies – along with dozens of others – discuss the Law of Attraction. It’s a metaphysical law that has proven itself over and over in my life. The fundamental idea is that our minds are powerful transmitters of our desires to the Universe, which is like a genie who pops out of a bottle who says “Your wish is my command”.

In 2009 I was a Realtor whose income was taking a real hit as a result of the USA real estate crash. I was literally sinking in credit card debt, and I was burning through my life savings every month to maintain my lifestyle. I didn’t know how I would ever achieve my dream of retiring to Mexico by age 65, because of circumstances that were totally outside my control.

But I was a devoted practitioner of the Law of Attraction. In fact, I was facilitating a study group of about 8 people – reading, studying and practicing the lessons of the two books I mentioned earlier. Even though my external finances appeared miserable, I never stopped dreaming and claiming that I’d retire to Mexico by age 65.

As I said, I didn’t know how I’d ever achieve that dream. But the interesting thing about the Law of Attraction is that I don’t have to know how. In fact, if I spend too much time thinking about HOW I’d achieve that, it would tend to cast doubt on my deep belief in my dream – which is the single way to defeat the process.

Two years later – and 4 years before I had even planned it – at age 61 I moved to a beautiful little village in Mexico, debt free. Since then I’ve lived in Bali, and now the Philippines. I’ve vacationed in about 6 other countries. I have everything I need. I eat fresh, delicious, healthy food nearly every day. There’s a lot of other abundance about my life too, but I’ll leave that out for the sake of brevity.

The Law of Attraction Works.

Here’s how I practice the Law of Attraction.

  1. Get clear about what I want to attract into my life. I write down what I want. Good health, wonderful intimate relationship, beautiful place to live with sweeping nature view, sufficient income to allow me to travel extensively…. as examples. Sometimes I get very specific; and other times I stay general.
  2. I absolutely believe that my desires are on their way to me. My belief is unshakeable. I don’t know how, and I don’t care.
  3. I devote time every day to reviewing my list of desires, and visualizing myself as I’ll be when they are fulfilled. I literally put myself in the scene; and allow my feelings to flow. The cool breezes against my skin. The sweet sound of the rain hitting the banana tree leaves. The deep breaths, taking in the sweeping natural vistas. The sensuality of feeling my partner’s skin next to mine in a tender, loving embrace.
  4. I’m watchful for opportunities that may show up. I’m curious about people who show up in my life, and seek to explore deeply whenever I experience what most would call a “coincidence”. I look for meaning. I fully expect each such meeting or event to be taking me in the direction of my desires. (Some do, some don’t).
  5. Every day I feel deep appreciation for the abundant nature of my life today. I mentally review all the gifts I have access to, no matter how simple. Clean water, safe environment, great health, a happy, positive outlook. If you’re reading this, you’re more blessed in dozens of ways than at least half the people on this planet. Gratitude opens a door for grace… which seems to me a component of the Law of Attraction.

That’s pretty much it. Notice there’s not much “doing” in there. It’s more about thinking, feeling, and way of being. Now sooner or later I’m gonna need to do something in order to achieve my dreams. (Someone once said “if all you do is think about your desires, you’ll still be thinking when they foreclose your house and carry away your couch with you on it!”) But I don’t need to go looking for what to do. Whatever needs doing will be presented to me by the Law.

Don’t take my word for it.

If you’re the least bit curious and fascinated by what I’ve written here, a Google search will yield a public domain copy of Think and Grow Rich. You can order The Science of Getting Rich or As a Man Thinketh from Amazon, and they’ll probably give you six suggestions of other books on the subject.


You don’t gain muscles by reading one article about weightlifting. You gotta gain a passion for it, and read everything you can find about the subject. And you gotta take what you learn into the gym. Not once or twice, or even once or twice a week. If you really want to gain muscles, it’s gotta become your lifestyle. You gotta get a trainer. If you’re not willing to change your lifestyle, then you never really wanted it that bad anyway.

Same is true with those great books. Save your money if you’re not determined to apply what you learn every day for a half hour or more.

Here are the keys. Will you unlock the door to a more wonderful life?

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