Is it possible to judge a behaviour as intelligent or not?

I’m imagining that your question isn’t so much about judging as it is about discerning. Sorry to be a word cop, but I think of the word judging as critical… and that doesn’t seem to be the context of your question.

But it’s natural to “discern” (and/or judge) people about any aspect of their character – including their intelligence. Particularly if the intent is to attempt to discern how tapped into “truth” the person is, to determine whether or not to follow their lead.

Judgment vs. discernment

Here’s how I look at these two. Judgment is coming from the head. It’s taking whatever limited evidence is there, and deciding whether the person is “right” or “wrong”.

Discernment comes from more of a heartspace, or in-tuition. It’s more about the feeling I have about the person, regardless of their words. My feelings will determine the level and depth of the interaction I choose to have with the subject.

Back to your question

Your question was about quantity of information, and context. These are words that are satisfying to the brain. And to that extent, I can’t answer your question, sorry.

But I invite you to feel into your in-tuition in this and other like situations. I suspect some of your questions may fall away, and you’ll get better answers.

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