How can I have a better relation with myself so that I can feel less alone and less bored when I’m not seeking distractions or social interactions?

An age-old question. Who are we when we’re not doing, and simply being?

Most of us don’t know, because doing is a way to avoid even asking the question… much less reflecting on it with curiosity.

The ego thinks it might be dangerous. If you discovered who you really are, might you have to change what and how you “do”? Easier to just do some more (even if it’s boring).

But what if you discovered that beneath the doing is a wondrous being, with a reason and purpose for living in this particular time and space? What if your self-esteem got a boost from that realization? What if you were to discover what that purpose is, and start using it as a guide for life?

(I just wrote a bit about this HERE).

Meditation is one way to discover more about

  • Who you are.
  • Why you’re here.
  • What your innate gifts are.
  • How to give your gifts to the world.

Many of us go through life without ever discovering these things. My experience is that when we reflect and act on them, life becomes more meaningful. More fulfilling. More beautiful and fun.

And, there are still those boring moments. Seems that’s an aspect of life. But when you shift your perspective from endless doing from boredom, to thoughts of “who/how can I serve others today?” The boredom soon dissipates, and we do something meaningful.


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