Have you had a negative event happen to you that turned out to be very positive down the road?

Several failed relationships. The ending of each was traumatic at the time, regardless of which of us made the decision to end it.

I’ve heard it said that “Everyone comes into your life for a reason, or a season”. What I take from that is that nothing is permanent, that the end of a relationship provides an excellent opportunity to reflect, and learn about the reason – or what I learned about me and how I show up as a partner. And change those parts I’m not proud of.

Always, the next relationship was more conscious. More intimate. More fulfilling. For a while. And each relationship presented a new set of challenges – or, more opportunities to learn and evolve.

I’m now in what I believe and hope will be the last relationship of my life, with someone with more of the qualities of my ideal woman than I’ve experienced before. And, I’m a better man than I’ve ever been before, because of the “stepping stone” relationships that preceded this one; and the learnings I took from them.

I’ve said “Till death do we part” more times than I like to count. But I never felt emotion behind those words. Now I feel it, without having to say it. I say to my partner ever day: “I love you today”. I’ve gained enough experience with relationships to know that it could end tomorrow. Today, love is in the room.


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