Do people perform better if you think and speak positively towards them? Does the opposite hold true?

Yes, of course – in most cases. If your self-esteem is intact, receiving validation from others serves to reinforce it, thus increasing your potential for success in a given endeavor.

The opposite – negative outside messages – will tend to depress one’s performance if one has average self-esteem.

What does self-esteem have to do with this?

Everything. Self-esteem is your own personal measure of your capabilities, potential, worthiness, loveability.

If you view yourself as low in those areas or unworthy of praise, external validation is often received as “oh, you just don’t know me well enough” or “you must be mistaken”. External validation is essentially rejected, because your internal messages are more powerful. And negative messages from others will be received as validating, thus reinforcing your inner programming. Low self-esteem is often accompanied by feelings of being a victim of life.

I’d say the video you posted applies to people with average self-esteem or better. The woman in the video performs better when cheered and praised for her performance.

If you have high self-esteem, external messages may or may not have the same effect. You have come to a place where you no longer need external validation to reinforce how you feel about yourself. You’ve discovered that your inner messages are the most important source of validation. Certainly external messages will still be received well, most often with humility.

They may serve to improve performance – for example, in something you don’t do everyday and thus haven’t already formed an idea about your potential. As in, perhaps, the video. For more everyday activities though, you’re already performing at your peak because that’s who you know you are. It’s what you do.

Neither will people with high self-esteem be affected much by negative external messages. When there’s a conflict with your self-image, you may discern that there may be an element of truth in the criticism, and form an intention to improve in that area. Or, you may well discern that the negativity has more to do with the critic than with yourself. Negative messages, though, will not serve to decrease your performance – because you have a solid foundation of inner validation that’s stronger than those external messages.

The main message.

Within each of us is a remarkable, unique god-being that has incredible powers to do good in the world. When you peel away the layers of societal programming that covers up this bright, amazing presence, your self-esteem and performance potential are no longer dependent on others.


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