Why do so many men lack empathy?

Great question, thanks!

Actually, empathy is only one of many traits that men lack, that stems from repressing any emotion except anger.

Western society devalues emotions. So many messages – particularly for men – that emotions are somehow to be denied and ignored. Did you ever hear any of these? Read more

If you could give one tip to improve me financially, what it would be?

Unplug from the consumer capitalist economy.

Realize that nearly every ad – print or TV – is designed to implant an artificial desire or need within you. They paint a picture that Read more

Can money bring you happiness?

Happiness is an emotion. Like anger, and shame, and sadness.

Money is a resource that allows us to buy stuff. Read more

How do I use the law of attraction to switch to a parallel reality where I have whatever I want as soon as possible?

I’m not sure what a “parallel reality” is, or what it has to do with the essence of your question, but here goes. Read more

What decision from your youth are you most grateful for making?

At age 16 I dropped out of high school because I was performing at a fraction of my ability – because I was bored with English and History and other subjects that didn’t interest me. And so I chose to Read more

I make money online which allows me to travel the world (and I currently am) but that can make me feel disconnected from a grounding culture and society at large. What can I do about it? How can I find something that fulfills me and still travel?

Great question, because like you, I’m a digital nomad. And I’ve experienced that same sense of disconnection. But I’d say, moreso than a culture and society, I found myself disconnected from other people in my travels. When I’m in a new place how do I cultivate meaningful friendships that serve to fulfill me? Read more

If law of attraction works, then why are people doing hard work despite of just sitting and attracting?

Great question!

Relatively few people truly understand how the Law of Attraction works, and how to put it to good use. Watching “The Secret” will introduce you to the subject, but it won’t give you much knowledge of how to use it for your own benefit.

And thus, without that Read more

How do I create money with the law of attraction?

Money? And just why would you want to create a stack of green papers with portraits of dead presidents on them?

If you had money what would you do with it?

See, here’s the Read more

Which one is important: giving your best and expecting nothing or expecting abundance, based on law of attraction?

Wow, there’s a lot of meat to this question! Where to start? Maybe in the sequence you used in the question.

Give your best

I love that you put this in the question. Because metaphysically speaking, giving and receiving are yin and yang. We speak of karma, and karmic rewards. Well, karma is no more than cause and effect. When you start the pendulum swinging in one direction, it can’t help but swing back. Give, and you will receive.

Here are Read more

Has the law of attraction ever worked for you?

I’ve answered this question lots of times already. If it’s worth your time, why not look through my previous responses. I think you’ll find some pretty incredible stories there!

HERE is one of them.