Have you had a negative event happen to you that turned out to be very positive down the road?

Several failed relationships. The ending of each was traumatic at the time, regardless of which of us made the decision to end it.

I’ve heard it said that Read more

How does being vulnerable affect how people can connect?

Your level of vulnerability with yourself and others is the foundation for the depth, quality, and intimacy of every connection – including with yourself.


It takes vulnerability to acknowledge that you’ve made mistakes. That you feel resultant guilt or shame (instead of repressing and ignoring your feelings), for example. Read more

Why do so many men lack empathy?

Great question, thanks!

Actually, empathy is only one of many traits that men lack, that stems from repressing any emotion except anger.

Western society devalues emotions. So many messages – particularly for men – that emotions are somehow to be denied and ignored. Did you ever hear any of these? Read more

What made you happy today?

My partner and I have a daily ritual of a long, soulful hug upon arising. No words, just feeling the joy and pleasure of being wholly accepted and loved by another beautiful human being for 30–60 seconds.

What’s the word for people who attack someone’s vulnerability?

I’m sure someone else will have a noun for this. But I’ll go with the Read more

What makes someone attractive?

Ask a thousand people this question and you’ll get a thousand different answers. Because “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” – in other words, each of us has our own criteria for what constitutes attractiveness.

There’s physical attractiveness, of course. That’s a nice magnet, but it doesn’t get much traction for long term relationships. And some people will just stop at making themselves physically attractive. That’s unfortunate.

Because there are many other more important qualities that have a far greater bearing on relationships.

Personality. Attitude. Amount of personal charisma. Levels of emotional and spiritual maturity. Intelligence. Passion for life. Integrity.

Each of these make someone attractive to me as a partner.

Beauty? Like I said, it’s a great magnet… but…


Would attempting to attract a specific person through the law of attraction go against the principle of “free will”?

It doesn’t “go against” free will except conceptually. If you practice the LoA in this manner, you are Read more

A person with a high EQ is dating a person with a low EQ. Does it usually work out?

It can work fine in the short term, as long as it’s just dating. But, the relationship will Read more

How do successful people mentally deal with negative situations or people?

No one can speak for “successful people”, but only for themselves – because each of us is an individual, each with his/her own coping strategies.

So I’ll speak for myself. Read more

Why do I have an immense need of male attention?

Because you’re looking to be validated by men as an attractive, sensual woman.

Which means you probably don’t view yourself that way.

Fixing your self-image is the answer.

When you get to know and love who you are, your neediness for validation will disappear.

And, it’s a process – it won’t happen overnight.

But that’s the answer to your “why” question.