Why does one feel so empty in life despite being successful?

I feel your pain. I spent a lotta years of my life with that sensation. Thankfully, I transcended it. Now I know that if you’re feeling empty, chances are your idea of success is cattywampus – as mine was.

If you define success as making a lot of money or owning a lot of things, you’ve bought into consumer programming. And so you spend your energy chasing dollars and thingies, thinking that should make you happy.

Meanwhile, real life success – happiness, fun, meaning, ease and grace – eludes you.

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Why does it bother me so much when something happens in the social media when I know it’s not the real life over there? How can I stay unaffected by it and keep it separated from the real world?

Who’s responsible for your thoughts and feelings? You, or someone else?

  • Answer: you.

If you’re not happy with the results you’re getting, try something different.

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What one thing could you do every day to be a better human being?

Start a daily practice that includes meditation and gratitude journaling. In just 21 days you’ll notice a shift that will just keep getting bigger and better as you continue your practices.

Lots of my other responses here speak to the why and how of doing these. Look ’em up if you choose.


People suggest me that I should change the way I talk, my attitude and some of my bad behaviors because they feel negative signal from me. It got me thinking that if I do follow all of their suggestion and to improve/change, am I still myself?

If you change to suit the desires of others, recognize that:

  • You’re people pleasing to gain acceptance.
  • The change you make isn’t a change to yourself at all. It’s a mask or cover-up you wear to gain acceptance. It’s fake, and it won’t last long before the real you shows up again.
  • Those “people” you refer to won’t be faked out. They’ll know it’s an act, and you might find yourself even more estranged.

Now, if you don’t like the way you show up in the world and want to improve yourself, congratulations! Time to start a long-term personal development program.

But trying to fake out others with a dramatic act? It’s a losing proposition. A waste of time and energy, for no benefit.


What are some little things I can do to be happier (without spending money)?

State a daily gratitude practice.

Buy a little notebook and write for five minutes a day about what you’re grateful for.

According to dozens of clinical studies, your happiness level will take a major positive shift after as few as 21 days!

But don’t stop there. A lifetime practice of gratitude will result in a way happier life.


Does showing your emotions make you more vulnerable?

Not usually.

Showing emotions and discussing them are two different levels of vulnerability. The difference is one’s level of emotional maturity.

Does showing my anger make me more vulnerable? In most cases, no. Most often, it’s an emotionally immature reaction. It puts the other on the defensive, and triggers some level of withdrawal on both parts.

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What is it that makes other people deserving of empathy? What are the criteria that you use to determine whether someone else’s life matters?

Everyone’s life matters!

If we reserve our empathy for “only those who deserve it” it becomes a slippery slope to playing god.

Like it or not, we all have blind spots. Our opinions are molded and formed by cultural norms, religion, political parties, media and government influences.

This is why the USA is so divided today – because of the idea that if you don’t agree with me on some issue or another, you’re wrong, and not deserving of my consideration. And why the USA is so aggressive in the world.

The only way to shift that is to hold that everyone is entitled, as I am, to make their own choices. Everyone is entitled to be different from me. And everyone deserves my compassion and empathy.


If you could give one tip to improve me financially, what it would be?

Unplug from the consumer capitalist economy.

Realize that nearly every ad – print or TV – is designed to implant an artificial desire or need within you. They paint a picture that Read more

How does one maintain detachment from everything in life as the Gita says but still pursue his/her goal/aspirations and continually love their family?

There’s a world of difference between establishing goals and being attached to them.

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How do I control my life and destiny?

Take responsibility for your own feelings. Never see yourself as a victim of others’ thoughts, words or actions.

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