What three things that happened to you in the past week are you thankful for?

I processed the reasons I’d been procrastinating on a project, and since found it a wonderful source of creative expression. Approaching my work on it each day now with joy and enthusiasm.

The hot weather where I live has been cooling down recently.

I’ve meditated immediately on arising 3 times – rather than after my morning coffee. I appreciate that when I do that, my mind goes to stillness more quickly and profoundly. Setting a stretch goal to do it 3 times or more in the coming week

They say that the act of reading gives people more empathy and makes them more critical and reflective”. Do you think this is true?

I think by “critical” you’re referring to critical thinking, rather than judgmental kinda critical. So that’s the premise for my response.

I think it probably depends on Read more

How can I have a better relation with myself so that I can feel less alone and less bored when I’m not seeking distractions or social interactions?

An age-old question. Who are we when we’re not doing, and simply being?

Most of us don’t know, because doing is Read more

Is gratitude connected along with maturity?

I’d say moreso with emotional maturity than with advancing age. Though that may be true also.

Cultivating emotional maturity has a tendency to peel back layers of deeply hidden false beliefs like peeling an onion. I happen to believe that beneath those layers is, within each of us, a magnificent god-being that progressively reveals itself as we do our emotional “work”.

And when the light of that revelation begins to seep out of the inner darkness, gratitude and joy just naturally follow.


Do you think having a purpose is a real thing, or should a person just do whatever his heart desires?

Personally, I think discovering a mission of service, or purpose that serves the greater good, is a useful guide to living a meaningful life.

It serves as a benchmark for the contributions one is making to humanity. For instance, Read more

What have you watched or heard recently that made you feel extremely grateful and lucky to have what you have today?

I suppose my sense of gratitude is influenced by outer events that are perceived by the senses. But for me, the deeper sense of gratitude follows from taking time for reflecting on what’s within. When I connect with my inner self, I’m better able to appreciate what presents in the outer world. For what is today.

I hope that’s not too woo-woo for you! (Smile)


How do you know when you are in the presence of a wise–as opposed to merely knowledgeable–person?

This is a difficult one to answer, and I’m sure my answer isn’t necessarily applicable to everyone. So here goes Read more

Which emotions are associated with the worst physical health?

Surely I can’t name all of them, but here are Read more

Do people perform better if you think and speak positively towards them? Does the opposite hold true?

Yes, of course – in most cases. If your self-esteem is intact, receiving validation from others serves to reinforce it, thus increasing your potential for success in a given endeavor.

The opposite – negative outside messages – will tend to depress one’s performance if one has average self-esteem.

What does self-esteem have to do with this? Read more

Have you had a negative event happen to you that turned out to be very positive down the road?

Several failed relationships. The ending of each was traumatic at the time, regardless of which of us made the decision to end it.

I’ve heard it said that Read more