Which emotions are associated with the worst physical health?

Surely I can’t name all of them, but here are Read more

Do you believe a person with hate or anguish in their heart can truly be happy? What’s your reasoning?

It’s highly unlikely that someone harboring hate or anguish will be happy. Until life gets so miserable and deals up so much shit that they finally surrender.

Surrender is Read more

Do we discriminate to preserve ourselves, our way of life, wealth and health?

Not at all. It has exactly zero to do with preservation, and everything to do with fear and hatred. People discriminate against others because they learned it from others – family, church, friends, or wherever. Now, Read more

Why do so many men lack empathy?

Great question, thanks!

Actually, empathy is only one of many traits that men lack, that stems from repressing any emotion except anger.

Western society devalues emotions. So many messages – particularly for men – that emotions are somehow to be denied and ignored. Did you ever hear any of these? Read more

What’s your view on hell?

Hell is the state of mind you experience in life when you are not happy with yourself. If you’re Read more

Does showing your emotions make you more vulnerable?

Not usually.

Showing emotions and discussing them are two different levels of vulnerability. The difference is one’s level of emotional maturity.

Does showing my anger make me more vulnerable? In most cases, no. Most often, it’s an emotionally immature reaction. It puts the other on the defensive, and triggers some level of withdrawal on both parts.

Approaching the person who Read more

Why do I feel ashamed, smaller and not confident when I realize that I’m studying in a public school?

The problem is likely the meaning you’ve ascribed to the quality of education in a public school.

The public school is. That’s reality. It’s neither good or bad, in and of itself.

You are studying there. That’s reality.

All suffering begins with arguing with reality.

I’ve presented two facts that represent reality, as stated in your question.

The reason you feel ashamed, smaller and not confident is because of the stories you’ve made up about those facts.

Your stories argue with reality, and the result is suffering.

Your stories are products of your thoughts.

How do they serve you, other than causing suffering? Read more

What are people with little emotional intelligence like?

The most visible example of this is the current POTUS.

Creating abusive little nicknames for those who Read more

Can hatred of others be a projection of self-loathing?

Absolutely. That which we don’t want to own about ourselves; or that which we can’t even see about ourselves (Carl Jung named this our “shadow”) we tend to project onto others.

Want to know who you are, and what your shadows are? Read more

If I’m not very emotionally self-aware, how can I improve?

The fact that you asked the question indicates an awareness that you’re not emotionally aware at this point. And that awareness has brought forward a desire to change that. Admirable!

The first thing you’ll want to Read more