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A married narcissist came after me, convinced me we’d be together with our kids, to the point where I left my husband only to be discarded with my life in ruins. Why did this happen; how do I get over the sadness I feel over such a contemptuous man?

Wow, what a sad story. I’m sorry to hear of this happening to you. You have two choices at this point: you can either stay in victim energy, licking your wounds and feeling terrible indefinitely; or you can adopt the posture of a victor. I’ll try to give you a few ideas on how to become a victor. […]

Is gratitude the door to expanded consciousness? If so, why and how?

It’s surely a door, if not the door. A precursor to feeling gratitude is noticing what you’re grateful for. That process leads to an inner inquiry (which is, in itself, consciousness-raising). What am I grateful for? Anyone who’s reading this should be able to come up with 5 to 10 answers to that question within a few seconds’ time. So now you have […]

I understand the law of attraction but I find it very hard to do consistently because of my negative beliefs and always doubt if it can work for me. What are some experiences that might help me?

Ok dude I’m gonna give you my absolute best, practical suggestions in response to what I feel is a heartfelt question. I hope you take these suggestions to heart, because I absolutely guarantee they’ll change your life for the better. If you want some information that may help you suspend your disbelief, please take the time to […]

Does masturbation lead to a decrease in intelligence, concentration power?

Male ejaculation – whether via masturbation or intercourse – is essentially shooting your life force energy out the tip of your penis. The possible effects of this are obvious from some of the other respondents to this question. Loss of concentration, feelings of decreased energy/sex drive and subsequent moodiness are the most frequent effects. Many […]

If life is a reality which we make of it, why are we not in control of it?

And what gives you the idea you’re not in control? You’re in near total control! Your thoughts determine your reality. If your thoughts are negative or fear based, that’s exactly what will show up in your life. If your thoughts are positive and optimistic… if you have a clear vision for what you want in […]