What’s the word for people who attack someone’s vulnerability?

I’m sure someone else will have a noun for this. But I’ll go with the Read more

How can I become the best possible person I can be?

You missed two other qualities of self – emotional and spiritual. So there are four.

We need not give much attention to any of them, because life tends to run on autopilot at a fundamental level. You continue to breathe. Your heart continues to beat. Until it doesn’t.

A longer and higher quality, more fulfilling life results from the amount of Read more

Why do I feel ashamed, smaller and not confident when I realize that I’m studying in a public school?

The problem is likely the meaning you’ve ascribed to the quality of education in a public school.

The public school is. That’s reality. It’s neither good or bad, in and of itself.

You are studying there. That’s reality.

All suffering begins with arguing with reality.

I’ve presented two facts that represent reality, as stated in your question.

The reason you feel ashamed, smaller and not confident is because of the stories you’ve made up about those facts.

Your stories argue with reality, and the result is suffering.

Your stories are products of your thoughts.

How do they serve you, other than causing suffering? Read more

How do I use the law of attraction to switch to a parallel reality where I have whatever I want as soon as possible?

I’m not sure what a “parallel reality” is, or what it has to do with the essence of your question, but here goes. Read more

Is it natural/human nature to be selfish or is it a conscious choice?

If what you mean by selfish is wanting to fulfill your desires even if it harms others in the process – no, that’s not human nature. That’s an acquired characteristic.

Nor would I call it a conscious choice. People who are selfish in the way you mean it are more likely so unconsciously. They’re just so pleased with themselves, they tend to think the whole world revolves around them. They are not usually aware of the consequences of their actions.

It doesn’t require conscious choosing. In fact, if they were a bit more conscious, they’d awaken to the damage their selfishness causes, and probably decide to change.


What is the purpose of changing one’s gender? What’s the gain (I ask this purely out of curiosity, no offense intended)?

Some people are born with disabilities. Four fingers. An inability to hear or see. A misformed organ.

Or malformed genitals.

A girl born with a penis or a boy with a vagina.

It’s not apparent at first, because the common knowledge is that gender identity is dictated by the child’s genitals.

But at the point the child becomes self aware (usually around age 5 or so) it starts expressing its true nature. Part of that true nature is gender identity. So the little girl with a vagina starts acting like a boy. Because that’s the true inner nature of that child.

It’s not a choice. It’s not a decision. It’s who they are. It’s who they know themselves to be. And nothing can change that.

As the child gets a bit older, he has absolutely no doubt about his gender, and eventually comes to realize he was born with the birth defect of the wrong genitals (and later, hormones) for his identity. Can you put imagine how distressing that might be for the little boy? Read more

What are people with little emotional intelligence like?

The most visible example of this is the current POTUS.

Creating abusive little nicknames for those who Read more

What should one seek from a teacher?

 J Krishnamurti gave a talk once about the guru/disciple paradigm. Is it terminally broken? Seekers seek answers.

How do I gain emotional strength?

I’m not certain how to interpret your question. I presume you’re asking how to keep your head up, even after having experienced a loss. So that’s how I’ll respond.

We all experience loss, whether through the ending of a loving relationship, or a loved one passing to the other side. It’s never easy. Grieving is a process, it doesn’t pass overnight. It may be literally incapacitating at first. But with each day, it’s relieved just a little bit.

Acknowledge your grief. Let it express in Read more

Should you have a positive mindset and attitude even when faced with failure?

The best response is a quote from Manuscripts from Accra by Paolo Coelho:

The defeated are those who never fail. Defeat means that we lose a particular battle or war. Failure does not allow us to Read more