What are the top 5 aspects that can shape your life?

I’m not much on “Top Five” type questions, but since you directed this question to me specifically – I’ll give it a shot. Here’s what comes to mind, in random order. Read more

Why do experts say we’re responsible for everything that happens to us in life? Is that true?

I don’t know who are the so-called “experts” in your question.

Here’s what we’re responsible for: our interpretation of everything that happens to us. The meaning we ascribe to every event and circumstance. Ten people who have an identical experience will ascribe ten different meanings.

What meaning would you ascribe to this event? Read more

What are some ways to self induce trance state of awareness enabling communication with highest self?

“Communication with highest self” in your question I read to mean seeking wisdom from a greater source than our brains. Here are a few ways Read more

Sadhguru talks about organizing 4 dimensions in one direction. How do you organize these 4 basic dimensions (physical body, mind, emotions and fundamental energies of life) in one direction?

I don’t know Sadhguru, sorry.

My own philosophy is that we are four bodies: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual.

It’s easy to understand how to keep the physical body in good condition: lifelong exercise. Where exercise becomes a lifestyle, rather than part of some weight loss plan. Where we devote at least several hours each week to work with free weights, or hike, or cycle…. Or something else that engages the heart, lungs and muscles.

Use it. Or lose it.

A common expression about the benefit of physical exercise.

I find this true for every aspect of ourselves. If we get a gift and we don’t use it, just like muscles – it atrophies.

So how to exercise our other three bodies? Read more

What are some spontaneous things that you did with the people you love, that made those moments special and memorable?

Every day I make my partner coffee in the morning.

Then I give her a long, soulful hug.

Then I tell her I love her today.

“And tomorrow?” She asks.

“I’ll tell you how I feel tomorrow”.

And I always do.

Should you wait to practice the law of attraction until Mercury retrograde and its aftermath period are over?

It’s a total personal choice.

No need to ever consciously practice it. But of course, Read more

What are your methods to detach from a stressful day and/or situation?


Take time away, and take 3 or more deep breaths. Close your eyes and Read more

What is it about Law of Attraction that inspires you to work with it?

This might just be my favorite question EVER about the Law of Attraction!

I read it while I was out eating breakfast, and I thought about it all the way home. I couldn’t wait to sit down at my PC and see what flows through my typing fingers!

The Law of Attraction (a cute term for the concept of creating with mind) reinforces for me that there is a higher power, god, YoUniverse – call it what you will – that is benevolent. And that benevolent YoUniverse (my choice of term) is activated and programmed to respond by my predominant thought forms.

In other words, that which I give the energy of thought, intention, and desire to is guided toward me. And eventually, if I’m consistent in my thoughts, it will show up in my reality.

What’s the result of that? Read more

I am realizing that I can’t have an intellectual conversation with my boyfriend. Is there a no good way to change this beside ending the relationship?

Sure. Change your mind about how important it is to have an intellectual conversation with him. Focus on what you love about him, rather than how he fails your expectations. Get your intellectual conversation needs met elsewhere.

Why does it feel like I can make myself feel emotions, and I can no longer differentiate between what it is I actually feel, and what it is I am forcing onto myself?

I won’t focus on the way your question was structured (i.e. “Why”); but rather what I feel is the essence of your question: how to discern real vs. imaginary feelings.

Real emotions exist in the physical body. With attention, we can locate them. If we spend enough time and have enough interest, we can learn to know what we’re probably feeling by where we feel an energetic disturbance.

For instance: I feel anger in my face and back of my neck. It feels like red heat there.

I feel sorrow or grief (and fear, too) deep in the pit of my stomach. Fear feels like a black, amorphous blob. Sorrow or grief has less of a shape, but is usually yellow or purple in color.

Joy or happiness is felt in my chest. When I feel that I start breathing more deeply and stand straighter.

How do you do that? Read more