Who do you allow yourself to be vulnerable with?

I started practicing vulnerability in a men’s group. The ManKind Project (MKP) is a worldwide community devoted to opening men to their emotions, thus leading to greater personal integrity and accountability. And thus, exposing the powerful leader that exists within each of us. Read more

What is on your law of attraction reading list? What are the best books out there on the subject of the law of attraction?

A few of my favorites: Read more

What did your path toward developing a regular meditation practice look like?

This is an easy one. I used to have a meditation practice, but it had drifted off several years ago. Repeated attempts to restart it worked only for a few days before I dropped off again. Read more

Has anyone ever changed their appearance with the law of attraction?

I can’t say for certain, because I haven’t done it.

But I can speculate that yes, changing one’s appearance is definitely possible with the Law of Attraction.

Losing weight/gaining muscle – easily attainable. And thus one’s physique would quickly reflect the changes from doing so. Read more

Is it possible to permanently raise your self-esteem?


Inner exploration work will certainly raise self esteem. Let me explain. Read more

Is the placebo effect a part of the law of attraction?

It could be. Let me give you an example. Read more

If you have a secure solid self-esteem, you won’t let other people’s words and thoughts have power over you. Why?

Great question.

The best way to develop solid self esteem is via personal growth work, where I get to know myself inside and out. I know what I believe in (and not). I know what I’m good at (and not). I know all the inner programming and messages that have served to hold me back throughout my life. Read more

What kind of person feels entitled to all of your thoughts, feelings and perspectives? Meaning, they tell you you’re wrong about what you think, feel and experience, and instead define it for you however they wish, on a daily basis.

An emotional abuser.

If you’re in relationship with someone like this, understand that the only way they’ll change is if they come to the personal revelation that they are actually abusing you. You can tell them a hundred times, and they won’t hear it. Most of the time a “significant emotional event” (better known as a wake-up call) is necessary for them to shift their awareness about their behavior.

What does it mean to have integrity?

When my words and actions line up, I’m in integrity with others. When they don’t, I’m not. Read more

What are the benefits that come from the practice of gratitude?

Wow! There are a lot of long answers here! Yep, there’s a lot of science about how a gratitude practice improves your lifestyle.

Aside from all the science… when I close my eyes and concentrate on feeling gratitude for this or that…. I can literally feel my heart opening. And that makes for a hell of a nice way to start the day!