What are some ways to boost your husbands self-esteem?

You can’t change anyone’s self esteem. Except your own.

If he isn’t aware he has a self esteem issue… or he is aware, but doesn’t care to shift it… not very likely he’ll change.

On the other hand, Read more

How can I be happy, satisfied, and bring the law of attraction into my life when my life is messed up? I feel alone and all negative things happen to me, despite trying to be positive and all the motivation.

Here’s something kinda radical for you to ponder.

If rain drops fall on your head and shoulders, do you ever focus on one of them, and start examining it?

Probably not. Rain just happens. We just accept that. And we don’t try to explain or examine any one rain drop. Each and every rain drop is just part of “raining”. Read more

Are some things about the law of attraction not being told?

I think the question here is more like “are there principles and techniques for using the LoA that are hidden from the common man?”. Am I right?

It’s entirely possible. I’ve heard there are secret societies that have “secretly” shared the methods and processes around creating from thought for thousands of years. Truth or fiction? I have no way of knowing.

But here’s another aspect of the Read more

Is it possible to win the lottery by using law attraction?

Probably not. Maybe you should look in the “magical thinking” section.

Don’t get me wrong. The Law of Attraction is real (like gravity, it works whether or not you believe in it). But your question gives the impression that your mind is undisciplined. And so, even if you knew every last expert technique and practice about how to invoke the Law of Attraction to make your life wonderful… you probably wouldn’t be disciplined enough to do the practices. Read more

How do I stop questioning myself to get a closure and stop making revenge plans?

If you’re “making revenge plans” then you’re terribly burdened with a heavy, hateful energy. You might expect it to go away if you were to actually perform some act of revenge. But I invite you to realize that’s the exact opposite of what’ll happen.

You might get some momentary sense of satisfaction after you slash their tires or spit in their food. But that will be quickly replaced with either remorse, or a sense that you need to do something even more evil to “get even”. Either of which will, I assure you, make you feel even worse.

What’s the alternative? Read more

Can you explain how the universal laws are real and can be proven to work in scientific facts today like the law of attraction?

So let’s see if I understand what you’re asking. You’re asking for physical, scientific proof of metaphysical laws. Right?

One good question deserves another. Read more

I’ve lived my whole life staying at home, wasting time on the internet, and being lonely. I also have self esteem issues. What should I do?

First of all, you have to decide if you want to change. Some people are resigned to living a meaningless, boring life. You, perhaps?

If you do want to change, then I’d suggest finding some purpose for your life might just juice it up a notch or seven.

Here’s a simple suggestion. You can follow it or not. Makes zero difference to me. But if you want to forget about your loneliness and develop some self esteem, try this. Read more

How do you develop self-confidence if you are a weed rather than a rose?

Stop feeding the lie that you are a weed.

It’s not true.

So quit saying it.

And that, my friend, is your first step in developing self-confidence.

And if you’re not ready to let that lie go, then quit kidding yourself that you want to develop self confidence. You prefer being a victim in life, rather than a victor. A weed instead of a rose.

How can I use the law of attraction to remove my negativity, fear and depression?

I’d suggest that while you’re in such a negative state, what you’re attracting is more of the same. If I were you, I’d first work on changing your state of mind, and then start using the LoA to make your world even better. Read more