Does the law of attraction really work? Are we really in control of what we can have in life?

There are two questions there. Yes, the Law of Attraction works. All the time. Just like the law of gravity. Drop a rock, it falls to the ground every time. The Law of Attraction literally produces the product of your predominant thought forms (and often in unbelievably weird and unexpected ways!) reliably and consistently.

Your second question is a bit more complicated. I’d answer yes and no. How’s that for a waffle? Read more

What is a word that means “to be selfish in order to give back”?

I’m making this up, but what comes to mind is self-serving. Or maybe self-ish. The word selfish gets a bad rap, in that many people think it means I’m only interested in my own needs.

But heres a basic truth: Read more

How can law of detachment align with law of attraction? Anyone with success stories love to share?

I’m not familiar with a law around detachment; however, I’m sure aware of how the Buddhist concept of non-attachment to outcome relates to the Law of Attraction.

Here’s Wikipedia’s description of detachment: Read more

Is it better to blindly live happily or know the cruel reality?

I don’t know if there is any validity to the term “the cruel reality”. Reality, and our interpretation of it, is entirely subjective. And, it’s possible to have an interpretation that reality is cruel. Read more

My parents make me feel like a loser even though I’m perfectly fine with being an introvert. What should I do?

Here’s hard truth.

No one can make you feel anything – try as they might. Your feelings are yours alone.

And our feelings derive from stories that originate in our minds. Read more

What was a moment when you felt vulnerable?

There are many such moments in my life. And I welcome them.

I’ve made it a practice to be intentionally vulnerable in men’s circles for the better part of the last 16 years. Why?

Because when I’m vulnerable in a safe, supportive space with men I trust… and men who have been trained to facilitate emotional healing processes… I can discover hidden, limiting messages I hold that sabotage me in various aspects of my life. Read more