How does the law of attraction work if you’re not sure what you want in life?

It’s been working for you all along. It’s working for you in this question.

Here’s a hard truth: If you tell yourself you don’t know what you want in life, then it’s likely to take a long time before you know. You’ll feel lacking of knowing, maybe confused or frustrated. That’s what the Law of Attraction will bring to you.

Another way to look at it: that there is a whole world of possibilities available to you, that might not be available to others who have already made their choices. Read more

Will law of attraction work if I think about the same 5-7 thoughts daily?

I have an absolute response for this.

It’s within the realm of possibility! Read more

How did you get over your racism?

First of all, I’ll admit I have not “gotten over it”. It’s a work in process, and one that I take very seriously.

I used to think like “I’m OK, you’re OK”. I made statements like “I don’t see color”, “I have a lot of black friends”, and the classic, “I’m not a racist”. Read more

Is there any kind of relationship between the secret (law of attraction) and Illuminati?

I’ve studied some Kevin Trudeau material about creating with your mind. It’s very good, highly instructive. Probably way too much information for those new to the Law of Attraction… Read more

What are real life stories about the Law of Attraction?

I’ll give you two from my life – one unintentional, another intentional. Read more

What are your thoughts on the book “The Secret”, which talks about the law of attraction?

It’s a great primer in the Law. The book, and the film. They have brought time-honored knowledge to millions of people. And so, The Secret is a classic. Read more

How can I boost my wife’s esteem?

You can no more boost another’s self esteem than you can make another happy.

Each of us is responsible for our own happiness, and our own feelings. If one suffers from low self esteem, they’ll only change when the pain of self-hate becomes so uncomfortable that they decide to change. Many times, this will follow what I’ll call a significant emotional event. Something that breaks them down emotionally, and necessitates that they take on new beliefs and ideals in order to survive. Some call this the dark night of the soul. Read more

How does law of attraction describes the killing of an innocent girl in Syria?

I don’t have “an answer” for that question. Any more than victims of any other crime, war, or natural catastrophe. Violent death is, unfortunately, a tragic aspect of existence in this world.

I have a couple beliefs and possibilities that I’ll share, that don’t answer the question. But offer some potential answers, and may expand the conversation. And, I expect what I’ll write here will be controversial. Read more

They say, ‘know thy self’. I’m 26 and I found out that I am a selfish self-centered, sometimes spontaneously evil person. Does this mean I’m gonna be bad forever, or is there still time for salvation and change?

Yay! You’ve done the work to know about yourself today!

Although judging yourself as “bad” is not a great start to any kind of change for the better. What if that were just a story you made up to explain a few actions? Let me explain. Read more

How does law of attraction work? Is it real?

You tell me.

In 2009 I was a Real Estate agent in a terrible downturn. More than half of houses on the market were termed “distressed properties”… which meant they took 3 times more work to close successfully. Consequently, my closure rate went from 95% during the earlier 2000s to about 50%. I was working harder than ever before, and earning about 2/3 less. I was maxing out my credit cards, and going through my life savings. My 10-year dream to retire to Mexico looked like it would never happen. Read more